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Legion Pest Management offers a 6 month No Bugs No Bites Warranty. Ask for details. Legion has an Associate Certified Entomologist on staff and can customize a Bed Bug treatment or preventative program for any size property.

Our Bed Bug Services Include

  • Pre-Occupancy tenant Inspection
  • Canine Inspection
  • Preventive On-Going Control Service
  • Bed Bug Education
  • Fumigation (Tenting)
  • Direct Heat Area Treatment
  • Prescribe Treatment Protocol Service
  • Multi-Family & Assisted Living Bed Bug Programs

Signs of an Infestation

bed bugs on matress

Bed Bugs on Mattress

Live bed bugs & fecal matter on a mattress.

bed bugs traveling

Bed Bugs Traveling

Commonly found along the seams of furniture.

molted bed bug skin

Molted Bed Bug Casings (skin)

The shed skin showing intact legs & abdomen.

bed bug bites

Bed Bug Bites

Severe allergic reaction.

The Experts Eliminate the Bed Bugs

Legion Pest Management are the experts for Bed Bugs. Our Bed Bug Service Protocol provides a prescribed treatment that will provide residual protection and help control all stages of Bed Bugs . This service includes installing mattress/box spring encasements and bed bug monitors to help guarantee results. We also have a heat tent to focus on personal items and furniture.

Guaranteed Bed Bug Service

Legion Pest Management has a Associate Certified Entomologist on staff and can customize a Bed Bug Treatment program for any size property.  We specialize in multi-family properties.

We offer Complete full service Bed Bug service with 6 month warranty as well and a Basic one time service for bed bugs.  We can customize a control program that best fits your needs.

Although are services are very affective it is common to take 2-3 visits to achieve the best results.  We can fumigate (tent) any size structures from a single family residence up to a multi-family unit structure to achieve quicker results.

Life cycle of a bed bug

the lifecycle of a bed bug

•  Egg
•  First Instar Nymph
•  Second Instar Nymph

•  Third Instar Nymph
•  Forth Instar Nymph

•  Fifth Instar Nymph
•  Adult

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