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Know Your Spiders: Southern California Spider Control

Did you know that there are 649 reported species of spiders in California? Many spiders live outdoors, but others enter homes and become pests. Legion Pest Management, the Southern California spider control experts, have the details about California’s spiders.

How to Control Spiders

To keep spiders outside, seal any cracks or gaps that they could use to gain entry to the home. Install door sweeps and tight-fitting window screens, and seal any other cracks and crevices with caulk.

Indoors, get rid of clutter in your basement, attic, and garage. Old cardboard boxes, old clothing, and other debris provide places for spiders to hide. Vacuum and dust regularly to get rid of spiders and their egg sacs.

Individual spiders can be killed with glue boards or fly swatters. Vacuuming will also kill most spiders. If necessary, insecticides can be used to control spiders.

If you have a spider problem in California, we can help. Call Legion Pest Management, the trusted California spider control company, today.

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